DARRIN SCHENCK, Racquetball Player/Coach, VP of Sales, Drunk Driving Crash Survivor (5-24-21)

DARRIN SCHENCK, a former professional racquetball player, the racquetball coach at Arizona State University, VP of Sales for TriageNow, author, and the survivor of a head-crash with a drunk driver, will join us from Phoenix, Arizona, to tell us his story, including his survival from that crash, as well as all that he is doing now to promote safety on the road.

From His Website:

"I walked away from this head on collision with nothing but a small scar on the back of my hand. After a while I really started to question why this had happened, and more importantly why was I spared in this instance? After much introspection, I came to the conclusion that while I had done some good things in my life, I wasn't doing enough. I needed to do more, and on a larger scale.

​While the ASU Racquetball team has allowed me the opportunity to influence about 300 kids in my 13 years as coach, I wanted to expand that reach. Although one single speech is not going to necessarily change someone's life, if I have some impact on some of the people I speak to, I will be closer to fulfilling my "WHY". My WHY is to help others chase and achieve their goals as I have."