Ep 67 - Two Pumps for JLo

It’s been a week of makeovers girlies and the lads are only itching to tell all about their new looks. It appears the new aesthetics have been perfectly timed as Kevin and PJ also reveal that they’ve landed a new tv gig talking all things Love Island on The 6 O’ Clock Show and they are absolutely weak for themselves but are up in a heap because they’ve no nice clothes. Excitement aside, they turn their attention to conspiracy theories but in true I’m Grand Mam style it’s a bit of a struggle as they can’t wrap their heads around some of the more difficult concepts (still don’t have a clue what the Mandela Effect is). They also talk about The Illuminati, Shakespeare being a pure snake, celebs ordering kids on their pizza and Avril Lavigne dying a death. They also talk about some of their own conspiracy theories and share their plans of starting a new versh of the Feis Maitiú competition.

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