Ep 83 - This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

The lads recently went on a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see Sam Smith with Universal Music Ireland and came to the realisation that they do in fact like concerts as long as it’s seated and the setting is glamour. They then turn their attention towards the theme this week ‘dreams’ and because they’re pretty clueless on the topic, even when it comes to their own chaotic dreams, they call on the help of expert and author Delphi Ellis to help explore the subject further. She helps the lads debunk some dream myths, helps Kevin analyse the phrase ‘It’s Chico time’ and speaks of a new phenomenon whereby people are so stressed about getting 8 hours sleep a night that they can’t cope and their sleep is inhibited further.

Delphi’s book Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal can be purchased on Amazon or Hive

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