Ep 77 - Back with a Bop

The wait is finally over. The boys are back and they couldn’t be more excited.They get you up to speed on some of the things that have changed since the last time they recorded. Amongst other things, PJ’s now based in Dublin, they’ve a new jingle for the podcast and everyone wants to shag Kevin. They speak about how obsessed they were with seeing ABBA Voyage but were petrified at the same time because it’s all a bit Black Mirror. They then debut their new single, the gay anthem of the summer, Fast Lane. Prompted by their new-found vocations as pop stars they discuss faking it until you make it and not having a notion about something but giving off the energy that you do. 

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Stream Fast Lane 🏁: https://open.spotify.com/track/3sgShMJBa9Uw7NfHgfwAoC?si=23e3710ac0c5412c

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