200. Dave Asprey - The Father of Biohacking, Original

Hi and welcome to the 200th episode of The I Love Success Podcast. What started as a passion project in 2016 has now become an obsession. An obsession to dig deep into the personal stories of the thought leaders and game changers of the world, so that you and I can excel in our own lives, redefine success and live a happy and fulfilling life.


Today marks our 200th episode and there are so many people I would like to thank, to many to mention here, so I’ll make it short. Thank you to every kind human being I have met along the way that has made this journey possible. A big shout out to you that are watching and listening, The I Love Success Podcast would be nothing without you.


This show has changed my life for the better and I truly hope that you can say the same thing. This is why I do it.


Today is a full circle moment, because the whole reason I started my podcast is because of Brian Rose from London Real. Back in Sweden I used to listen to his amazing conversations and dream myself away. I heard him talk about some kind of coffee with grass-fed butter in it that were suppose to be good for you and also tasted delicious. And that they had just opened a location on Main Street in Santa Monica.


Now, half a decade later Bulletproof coffee has become a routine for me and which guest could possibly be better for our 200th anniversary than the founder himself, Dave Asprey, the father of Biohacking.


Dave is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur that was fed up with being overweight and unhealthy so he started investing in himself and his health. He is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee that has served over 200 million cups, multiple NYT bestseller and the host of the award winning podcast Bulletproof Radio with over 175M downloads.


But not only that, he is a father, a husband and an overall kick ass human being aiming to live to be at least 180.


Let’s welcome Dave Asprey to the 200th episode of The I Love Success Podcast.




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