199. Joe Semaan - Domination Mindset & Selling, Original

Today we are going to talk about Domination Mindset and Domination Selling.


I have Joe Semaan, an incredible man and sales coach that will share his best tools with us today. Before we get started I would like to share a quote from Joe from 2008 when he was in a completely different headspace than he is today:


“I collapsed in the shower of an apartment I was about to get evicted from in 2008. It hit me all at once, the emotion, embarrassment, the nay sayers, the doubt, the frustration of losing so much, and a flashing sequence of all the bad decision I had made along the way.” 


“The tears were running down my face like a waterfall and after spending about 5 minutes on the shower floor the water turned cold and then it happened!I realized that I was not good enough to out-perform any storm and that I only made good money during good times or easy economies.” 


“I picked myself up and decided that I would do whatever it took to become someone whose value and skill set is unquestionable and respected by all and would head out to impact and lift as many people as I could during the process.I knew this was it. I began to study, research, practice, implement, and develop my skills and mind to a degree of obsession. 


Let's Welcome Joe Semaan!


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