119. Ron Holsey - Emmy Winner and Balkan Music Enthusiast, Original

As a guy with Macedonian heritage I'm totally in love with our culture, food and off course the music. A couple of months ago my parents sent me a clip with an American singing a Macedonian song. That made me so happy, that a person from a completely different culture could embrace mine.

I decided that I would do anything I can to bring him on my show. Little did I know that he had a life outside of Balkan music and was actually a successful writer for children's television and a Emmy winner.

I am super excited for today's episode with Ron Holsey.

These songs are a good introduction to Balkan music from the ex-Yugoslavia region. They represent a variety of styles, but they're all full of emotion and could easily accompany a glass of rakija.
1. "Ste Ce Mi Zivot" -  Silvana Armenulić (1969) This song was written for Silvana by the legendary Toma Zdravković, the bohemian bard of the Skadarlija section of Belgrade. The loose translation is: "What Good Is Life (Without You)": https://youtu.be/IKNCbfyzj6c
And here is Toma Zdravković singing the song himself: https://youtu.be/k8i01HWeKAo
2. "Sto Te Nema" - Jadranka Stojakovic (1981) A beautifully sad song in the Bosnian sevdah style ("Why Aren't You With Me?"): https://youtu.be/X1hG3Yy-pwk
3. "Dodji da Ostarimo Zajedno" - Saban Saulic (1978) Saban Saulic is perhaps the greatest folk singer and he helped to define the genre. This song about growing old together became a #1 hit in Yugoslavia: https://youtu.be/7IaIfsx1hro
4. "Zajdi Zajdi" -  Toše Proeski (Traditional) Here is the late great Toše Proeski singing this Macedonian classic: https://youtu.be/LKRaXPYSzKY
5.  "Dimitrijo, Sine Mitre" - Stanisa Stosic (Traditional) Stanisa Stosić offers a plaintive interpretation of this very old, traditional song as he reveals a painful truth to his son: https://youtu.be/OurVrfShtX4
6. "Umoran Sam od Života" - Toma  Zdravković  (1979) - Another classic Toma  Zdravković  song, "I'm Tired of Life" captures the true kafana spirit. Here he is in his element as he laments his world-weariness: https://youtu.be/YgzA9PevAqw

And finally the link to Tijana Dapcevic and Ron Holsey singing Jovano Jovanke, a traditional ethno song from Macedonia: https://youtu.be/beh-bnTHxcw

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Music and production: Tobi Fanoiki

Advisor: Malick Jarboh