IGN UK Podcast #509: Ms. Marvel and the Tissue of Eternal Nightmares

In this week's thrilling installment of the IGN UK Podcast, Dale has a Halloween-themed Cadbury's Creme Egg that he's desperate to eat. But will he get to the gooey centre before Cardy takes it for himself? You'll have to listen to the whole 'cast to find out. 

Thankfully that shouldn't be too much of an arduous task, as there's plenty to discuss. Matt's been to EGX to play Marvel's Avengers, including hands-on time with a new character; the super-stretchy Ms. Marvel. Dale's also been previewing games this week, with thoughts on Need for Speed Heat and WWE 2K20. Cardy's also got a few extra words to say about Disco Elysium, the detective game that's captured the hearts and minds of almost all the UK team, and Matt's got some thoughts about Zombieland: Double Tap. 

PG Tips returns for this week's Endless Search, and of course there's more feedback (as well as the questions discovered in Dale's Twitter mentions).