Good Shit Quality Podcast

10 life changing new songs as chosen by Rob and Callum, this hot streak is getting silly now. The most blistering power pop, fuzzy Afro-rock, heavy fund inserts, killer hip hop, studio tight pop, balladry and honestly maybe our best 10 tracks till we do it again.

Bab L’ Bluz ‘Gnawa Beat’
DEHD ’Nobody’
Home Blitz ‘What We Wore’
Fatlip & Blu ‘Good For The Soul ft. Hemlock Ernst
The Budos Band ‘Long In The Tooth’
Elrichman ‘Seeking Grey Skies’
Tim Heidecker ‘Fear of Death’
Fabiano Palladino ‘Waiting’
Jaga Jazzist ‘Tomita (Edit)’
Lomelda ‘It’s Infinite'