Do Vegans Eat Their Whitlows?

Rob and Callum return from holiday with 10 absolute heaters including 2 song of the year contenders for Rob. Expect some ECM'esque joyful Scottish morning jazz, folk from a wisened soul, some shimmering indie, country, studious hip hop beats and electro funk boogy.

illuminati hotties 'will i get cancelled if i write a song called, "if you were a man you'd be so cancelled"'
Jonathan Personne 'Springsteen'
Andrew Wasylyk 'Last Sunbeams of Childhood'
The Twilite Tone 'Do It Properly'
Shawn Lee's Incredible Leg Warmer Band 'Body Jam'
Rae Fitzgerald 'Smileland'
Kath Bloom 'Blinded'
Moise 'Gold Rush'
Laure Briard 'Grandeza'
H.C. McEntire 'Final Bow'