Ulcer Gala

Rob and Callum present audio's greatest celebration of New Music and ulcers (canker sores), Callum's nursing one and my god is he going to tell you about it but he's also bought 6 ace new tracks to make up for it and to compliment Rob's 6 fresh delights. Expect some legit soul firepower, some glam hardcore punk from NYC, bedroom pop, poetry (do not leave us) and other wonders.

Lee Fields & The Expansions - Wake Up
Young Guv - Every Flower I See
Tenesha the Wordsmith - Again
Molly Burch - Only One
smiles - your love
Cement Shoes - Me Have No Brain
Pinocchio - Behind You
Sarah Bethe Nelson - Weird Glow
Coach Phillips - Chastity Jeans
Cool Sounds - Around and Down
Rubber Band Gun - Your American Man
Butcher the Bar - Lying