SP08 - University autonomy and academic freedom

Is University in Exile the future of Central Europe?     

In 2018, with the Hungarian government banning CEU from welcoming new students, the university had the relocate its activities from Budapest to Vienna.   

This direct attack on university autonomy is an example of the current fight for academic intuitions for their freedom.   

What is the current state of university autonomy in the Danube Region?  

Following diverse narratives from actors of the academia, Daniel Martinek and Emma Hontebeyrie discuss these challenges.   

This podcast brings together diverse voices and personal opinions, between anonymous interviews and discourses from Edza Aria Wkurendra, Grant Dunnery, Fiona Faas, Ljiljan Veselinović, as well as the president and rector of CEU Shalini Randeria.  

Host: Daniel Martinek, Research Associate at IDM; Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM   

Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM 

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