SP06 - Passive listeners or actors for change?

As students, engagement is a key driver of one’s personal development.

But what does engagement mean? Which place plays youth in academia? Are they passive listeners or actors for change?

In July 2022, the DRC Summer School on the Future of Academia in the Danube Region took place in Vienna and welcomed around twenty participants from all over Europe. We took the chance to talk with actors from academia about their views on student engagement.  

This podcast brings together diverse natives and personal opinions, between anonymous interviews and discourses from Darija Benic, Romina Kali, Tea Memushi, Kërkesë Zogjani, as well as the president and rector of CEU Shalini Randeria.

Guest: Darija Benic, a student at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy; Romina Kali Lawyer and Researcher in the field of transitional justice in Shkodër, Albania; Tea Memushi assistant lecturer and student counselling coordinator at the University College Pavaresia, Albania; Kërkesë Zogjani student in psychology at the University of Pristina; Kosovo.

Host: Gloria Becerill, IDM trainee and student of Local Development Master's degree at the University of Padua; Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM 

Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM 

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