SP09 - Learning and mobility in the shadow of the war

Learning and mobility are different concepts, yet interconnected.   

One can think about them as a human right, privilege, advantage or opportunity.   

Access to education and freedom of movement is often taken for granted. However, we are not all equal towards those: living in a warzone is an example of this contrast.   

For this final episode of the 17th DRC Summer School, Christopher Radovic interviews Iryna Feketa, Anastasiia Lendel and Yuliia Stoika, all Ukrainian university students.   

Together they discuss their studying situation in western Ukraine. They give us their personal insights as well as wishes for the future.  

References mentioned:   CEE#35: Education Cannot Wait - with Lana Chubakha and Emma Hontebeyrie 

Host: Sebastian Schäffer, IDM Managing Director  

Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM 

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