SP07 - Education for a brighter future

The structure of our social system is based on an important and tight triumvirate: science and academia, policy-makers, and civil society. However, in recent years we have witnessed a weakening of the relationship between these elements. 


What is the reason for this fading, and what are the consequences of it? How can we remind each other that we are all playing for the same team and not against each other? 


There is a great lack of communication and a great loss of trust on the part of civil society towards the world of academia, and politicians. In this episode, Malwina Talik (IDM) and Emma Hontebeyrie will share our perspectives and comment on excerpts from a discussion between  participants of the 17th DRC Summer School about the Future of Academia held in Vienna in the summer of 2022.

IDM managing director Sebastian Schäffer will also share his views on the role of citizens and the relationship between academia and policy makers, to repair this current decaying bond with the people. 


Host: Malwina Talik, Research Associate at IDM & Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM 


Production and editing: Emma Hontebeyrie, Research Associate at IDM  

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