[Replay] Al and Lynne Snead discuss leadership, coaching and being your best self and mixing that in with data

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This week on Making Data Simple, we have Lynne Snead. Lynne is the founder of Talent Evolution Systems, a behavioral analyst, consultant, training specialist, speaker, coach, Lynne has a back ground in Educational Psychology, and has specialized in organizational performance for over 20 years. Lynne is one of the original Franklin Covey co-authors, has a best seller, she created Franklin Covey’s signature Project Development process and programs, worked directly with Stephen Covey.

1:30 – Lynne talks about her background

5:40 – Lynne’s coaching specialty and mission statement

10:30 – Why don’t all leaders have coaches?

12:08 – Why do you differentiate corporate coaching from life coaching?

16:27 - Do you believe in the element of natural state? 

18:32 – How many individuals have you coached?

19:49 – What constitutes a great leader?

20:55 – What are the common mistakes in a leader?

24:44 – Steer them back on track

Lynne Snead - LinkedIn

Talent Evolution Systems

Lynne’s email: lsnead@talentevolutionsystems.com

Leadership and self deception 

How will you measure your life?

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