Guests at The Table

In July 2021, IAPMD held the first-ever PMDD Roundtable - bringing both patients and professionals together to create a strategic plan to accelerate progress toward patient-centered outcomes in PMDD research and practice; and to push forward the patient voice into the spotlight!

We were blown away by this introduction by Dr. Tory Eisenlohr-Moul (IAPMD Clinical Advisory Board Chair and Associate Director of Translational Research in Women’s Mental Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago). She spoke to remind the professionals in attendance about the privilege to be welcomed in a space shared with patients and gave a timely reminder that: "We're guests here, not just because this is a patient-centered grant, but because it was in part our collective professional failures that led to the creation of IAPMD. So being invited now back into this patient-focused space that they've had to create for themselves to protect one another is a huge privilege that we must earn again and again through respect for the patient experience."

We are grateful to all patients and processionals for sharing theit time and their experiences to move forward the conversation and progress for patient-led PMDD research. For updates on this -

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