Introducing: Crime of a Lifetime

Naomi and Megan are not only here for the Lifetime movie thrills. They want the whole world to get on the true crime wave with Lifetime’s newest podcast, Crime of Lifetime. We’re sharing a suspense-filled episode “Tangled Web of the Black Widow Case” as just a taste of what this new true crime podcast has to offer. 


In this episode, nothing could be less threatening than the 77-year-old, white-haired Betty Neumar, and yet she sits in jail awaiting trial for murdering her husband. If you ask Betty, she’d say she was dealt a bad hand, but there’s a reason the paper dubbed her a “Black Widow." Betty doesn’t just have one late husband… she has five. And each one died in more mysterious ways than the last. Enjoy this juicy episode and catch all-new episodes of “Crime of a Lifetime” on Wednesdays wherever you get your podcasts.

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