2.1. mandla rae: Expressing rage with fruit

mandla rae is writer, performer and occasional curator, who was born in Zimbabwe, moved to South Africa aged 2 and came to the UK aged 7. We talked about rage, feeling out of place and talking to strangers in Manchester. Their solo show, as british as a watermelon plays at the Edinburgh International Festival between August 23 and 26. Through the exploration of mandla’s fragmented LGBTQ asylum and childhood migration memories, as british as a watermelon asks powerful questions about belonging, trauma and forgiveness. Told through an unflinching narrative, weaving poetry and storytelling together with destruction and colourful chaos, you are invited to join mandla’s rise from the dead and reclamation of misplaced power.

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I am an Immigrant is an ice&fire theatre production hosted by Christine Bacon, edited by Helen Clapp. Cover art by Ada Jusic.

This season is a special commission for the Edinburgh International Festival https://www.eif.co.uk



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