Season 4 E7 Remote Leadership – Putting Teamwork on the Map

In a future where digital tools allow teams to collaborate across continents, strong leadership can create an open, inspiring and collaborative team culture. But how do leaders lead when their teams are spread out from Stockholm to Singapore? That’s when remote leadership enters the online chat.

Join the HyperTalks crew as they talk to Johanna Olsson, learning designer, facilitator and co-founder of The Hows as they discuss the Why, What, When, For Whom and the Hows (yes, we did) of remote leadership.

The Hows started in 2019, but its members have been working together for the past 8 years. Today, The Hows primarily works with organisations, teams and individuals to help them learn and collaborate in a better and more long lasting way. They focus on the how - how people can collaborate and relate to each other in a way that builds empathy, motivation and the highest level of contribution.

Hosts: Linn Jansson, Erik Granholm and Nitin George (yes, three of us!)

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