Season 4 E5 Ownershift and a Playbook for Change

What would happen if more women became owneresses and risktakersses? And how can we start driving business with a purpose to take on the world's challenges?

To find out, we sat down with Charlotte Sundåker and Linda Waxin, co-founders of the politically independent think tank, Ownershift, that aims to globally and notably increase the percentage of female ownership in a lifespan. The purpose - to shift societal power structures through ownership.

Not only do these accomplished women share stories about their former DJ careers, we also learned about how it is to drive business with a purpose to save the planet in a more fun way.

After an intense career in the PR industry, being the former CEO of Edelman Stockholm, Linda Waxin firmly decided to put her powers behind a clear purpose. Today she is the CEO and owneress of talent tech startup MatchingID, with the aim to give people power over their work lives, digitalizing, streamlining and anonymizing talent sourcing.

Charlotte Sundåker took the leap into entrepreneurship after leading and developing international businesses and being the CEO of our very own Hyper Island. Now she creates purposeful change by being the owneress and CEO of Planethon, a planet-tech company that turns scientific insights into business opportunities.

Hosts: Linn Jansson and Erik Granholm

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