episode 3 - Engadin Swimrun and Ö till ö

This episode will introduce some of the people behind the sport of swimrun, centered around the ninth edition of Ö till ö. I had the chance to follow the organizers to the beautiful Engadin valley in Switzerland where the first official swimrun race outside of Sweden was organized.

The episode is not a race report, but a chance to get some insights and hopefully inspiration from the people who decide to take on these amazing challenges. You will also hear the story behind the bet that started all of this almost ten years ago.

If you listen to the episode using the Acast podcast application you will also be able to see some of the amazing pictures from the race while you listen to the episode. Don’t forget to check out the official movies from Engadin and Ö till ö.

Big thanks to the organizers Michael and Mats, all the racers letting me interview them, thanks to all the staff and media crew making all of this happened!

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