HRP Status Update: 2022

In this episode, co-founders of Human Restoration Project Nick Covington & Chris McNutt detail the impact of the organization in 2022, our plans for 2023, and how we're envisioning the future of our work in reimagining education. Detailed within includes...

  • How HRP grew this year and the impact we've made
  • Our goals for 2023, including a new pay-as-you-want learning series
  • An update on our existing initiatives
  • What we're doing with social media
  • And how we're looking to speculative fiction for inspiration in our branding (e.g. solarpunk)

Plus, it's Giving Tuesday! We're running a funding drive through the end of 2022. If you appreciate this podcast (or any of our free resources), we would love your support! Visit to learn more (and score some donor gifts)!

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