Guest Friend - Neil Balme

Today's guest has had an illustrious career in Footy over the last 50 years, post his own, there aren't many clubs or player that he hasn't played apart in their career. The Great Neil Balme joined us for a candid chat and along with Swanny discussed the moment that changed Swanny's career and life for the better. "We've come along way in footy in the way we react to naughty boys"

We played Balmey Bingo and he shared some unpopular opinions, and how all we've really got in footy, is people.

Balmey has recently, been diagnosed with Epilepsy, a disease with very little research and he's on a mission to change that.

Please see the show notes below if you would like to Walk with Balmey or get involved in any way.

Enjoy the show with this great man.

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