Guest Friend - Champion Data's Daniel Hoyne

Never has Samantha been more nervous about a guest coming on and not to be mistaken for excitement, lets be clear. But Ralph assured her that Daniel Hoyne from Champion Data knew what he was getting himself in for.

Hoyne got Dane onside early with some impressive stats from his time in the Magpie Guernsey and further fluffed him up when talking about him as the pioneer of rotations but soon got into a thick All Australian debate.

Daniel dumbed down expected score for us average joes and explained why Dustin Martin has had one of the most impressive seasons in the league without the recognition!

Find out who replaces Nic Nat as the leagues best player, who should win the flag and listen to an intriguing chat with Daniel Hoyne from Champion Data.

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Special Guest: Daniel Hoyne can be followed @hoyney35 or heard on SEN on Tuesday nights and seen on the Herald Sun website via "Pure Footy"

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