Best of the Guests

The lads took a week off and & Samantha took a stroll down memory lane for you & clipped up the best of the guests!

12 of our friends into 1 hour of lols.

The hardest part was picking the best bits so here's a few & to hear the full episodes, find each links below for you listening pleasure. Yah welcome

Friend: Jake Matthews

Full episode - UFC star Jake Matthews and Dane's hypotheticals

Friend: Don Elgin - 6:29mins

Full episode - Positive hour with Paralympic P taker Don Elgin

Friend: David Reynolds - 10:32mins

Full episode - Hero Week with V8 Star David Reynolds

Friend: Georgie Parker - 17:37mins

Full episode - Georgie's Parker's Non-AFLW Preview

Friend: Natasha Exelby - 19:40mins

Full episode - Even God has a day off! Guest Natasha Exelby

Friend: Sam Newman feat Don Scott - 23:28mins

Full episodes - Dane's Hypotheticals with Sam R and Sam Newman

Hero Week with V8 Star David Reynolds

Economy does some weird things to ya

Friend: Sam Schoers Amazing Race & Survivor - 33:30mins

Full episode - Economy does some weird things to ya

Friend: Brock McLean - 39:32mins

Full episode - The kid was watching my Netflix

Friend: Corey McKernan - 44:43mins

Full episode - Two at a time to save time

Friend: Candice Wyatt - 50:49mins

Full episode - Candice for a cause

Friend: Dale "Daisy" Thomas - 56:10mins

Full episode - Daisy and Dane! Dale Thomas special guest!

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