Episode 19 - Richard Cranium

When I was young, we thought we were clever insulting others by calling them Richard Cranium. This is his story.

Olivia Rosenman does a couple of podcasts, The Expressionists is all about words and phrases, and The History Lab Pod is an investigative history show.

Matt Chun is an artist with stuff you can check out here.

The Raccoon Club is a bar in Preston that also has a no kids rule. Getting rid of dickheads and kids you can pretty much guarantee an easy night out.

Original music by Kent Sutherland.

The song “Dickhead” was used with permission from LEVELZ. Follow them on Facebook, and get their stuff from Bandcamp.

Thanks to all my interviewees, Claire Tonti, and Planet Broadcasting.

Special thanks to Leila Brook for quality control and continued support.

“Memetic Algorithm” was played with permission from Papercut. Check out the new album “Insentient”, and their Spotify.

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