#40 America's Angry Political Divide. Mark Gerzon

More than any time in recent decades, American politics are
deeply divided. Compromise is a dirty word.

"The way that we're running the country is that we're not
running the country," says our guest Mark Gerzon, author of the new
book, "The
Reunited States of America.

As President of Mediators Foundation, the group he founded 25
years ago, Mark has brought people together in conflict zones
around the world Concerned about increasing polarization in the
U.S., Mark is working on the ideological frontier between left and

"We can work together to solve the problems we all face in a
country we all love," Gerzon tells us on this episode of "How Do We
Fix It?" But what we have now is a permanent campaign by both
parties. "And after election day they start the next campaign."

"We can't solve any of the problems we face if we're tearing
each other down the whole... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy