#39 The Gender Gap in Our Public Square: Joan Wages: How Do We Fix It?

From the American
Revolution and the Founding Fathers - through wars, economic change
and the struggle for civil rights, American history is
overwhelmingly dominated by the achievements and errors of

Women - because they were largely excluded from public and
professional life for most of our history - play a relatively small
role in the established narrative of our past. 

"Role models have a huge
impact on the way young girls and women in general think about
themselves," says Joan Wages, President and CEO of The National
Women's History Museum.

"We need more women role models out in the public sphere so we
know about them."

In this episode, Joan tells about the campaign for building a
National Women's History Museum in Washington D.C. The
Museum's website states: "It will be centrally located near the
world's most prestigious museums and monuments in our Nation's

Fewer than 20% of the Members of Congress are women.  In
corporate boardrooms the numbers...