Six years. Six guests. 300 episodes

We’ve made it to our 300th weekly episode! While it’s easy to congratulate ourselves for being among the few podcasts to produce this many shows, Jim and Richard are most proud of our extraordinary range of guests.

During our first six years together, we've often highlighted out-of-the-box thinkers, who share ideas that are too rarely discussed: People who speak about solutions through an independent lens— neither firmly left nor right. 

For this episode, we revisit interviews with six guests— or roughly 2% of all the people we've spoken with for "How Do We Fix It?" We begin with the public intellectual and problem solver Philip K. Howard, who was our very first guest. Others featured here are Claire Cain Miller of The Upshot at The New York Times, Mike Rowe, who became famous with the TV show "Dirty Jobs", science evangelist, Ainissa RamirezJerry Taylor, President and Founder of The Niskanen Center, and R&B musician Daryl Davis, who has personally persuaded more than 200 men and women to quit white supremacist groups.

As Jim says, it's been a great privilege to spend time with so many remarkable people and listen to their remarkable personal stories and ideas. We have used the intimate, informal medium of podcasting to pull the curtain back and dive into a rich pool of ideas at the deep end. 

We are also grateful to the Democracy Group podcast network (we are founding members), Solutions Journalism Network for grants and advice, and Heterodox Academy for introducing this show and our listeners to a remarkable range of creative intellectuals. Thank you, all!

This week's Recommendation: What else, but listening to our catalog of shows at How Do We Fix It?


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