Fixing Government Now: Code For America. Amanda Renteria

Reform advocates are full of good intentions and worthy goals— from ending hunger to improving access to healthcare and limiting the impacts of climate change. But good intentions are not the same as good results. 

The efficient delivery of services is important for all citizens. In this episode, we look at how to design technology that makes the government smarter, much more efficient, and even friendlier.

Amanda Renteria is CEO of Code for America, a non-profit group that uses coding and other forms of tech expertise to ensure the delivery of equitable digital tools and services. Amanda grew up in California's Central Valley, the daughter of Latino farm workers. She spent years in public service, as former National Political Director for Hillary Clinton, chief of staff for two Democratic Senators, and chief of operations for California’s Attorney General. 

"Nearly $60 billion in government services go unclaimed each year by people who are eligible," says Amanda. "We often talk about technology in terms of making things faster and easier but the first thing is to treat people with dignity... We try to create a welcoming front door. "

In our discussion, we go under the hood to examine Code for America's work to improve government delivery of services to those who need it most— from food, income, and housing assistance to help with filling out taxes or getting something as simple as a new driver’s license. 

Recommendation: Both Richard and Jim enjoy games and puzzles, including Wordle and Guesstures. They're a lot of fun!


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