Fighting Hate and Self-Loathing With Love: Chloé Valdary

Recent mass shootings and the explosion of rage outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6 are reminders of threats posed to us all by anger, fear and loathing. On social media and in the hyper-partisan ways political issues are debated, many of us objectify others. Those who belong to the wrong tribe are often targets of personal scorn.

In a Twitter post, our guest, writer and entrepreneur, Chloé Valdary, says: "if you do not possess the power to love, and especially love your enemies, then you don't really have the power."

In this episode, first released in 2020, Chloé talks about her antiracism program, Theory of Enchantment, which uses the music and messaging of Beyoncé, Disney movies and pop culture as educational tools, teaching social and emotional learning in schools, and diversity and inclusion in companies and government agencies. 

The three key principles involve:

1. We are human beings, not political abstractions.

2. Use criticism to uplift, not tear down.

3. Lead with love and compassion.

Recommendation: Jim and Richard have the 2020 book, "Utopia Avenue" by British novelist, David Mitchell.


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