Democracy Group Special Episode. Democracy Reform

How will the COVID-19 pandemic change our democracy? Will we become more less divided? We discuss the challenges and opportunities of the current crisis with four podcasters who are all our colleagues in The Democracy Group podcast network.

  • Juleyka is the creator and executive producer of the Peabody-nominated 70 Million, a documentary podcast about criminal justice reform.

  • Cara is Associate Director of James Madison University's Center for Civic Engagement and co-host of "Democracy Matters".

  • Mila is executive producer and host of the civic engagement podcast, "Future Hindsight".

  • Lee is co-host of "Politics In Question", a podcast about how our institutions are failing us and ideas for fixing them. A senior fellow at New America, Lee is an author, researcher and political commentator.

Jim and Richard also discuss findings of this bonus episode produced for the Democracy Works network that deals with the response to the pandemic. 


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