COVID Surprise: 7 Unexpected Changes. Jim and Richard

The Coronavirus pandemic is the 21st century's biggest crisis to date: Worse than either 9/11 or the great recession. Jim and Richard discuss seven surprising things that we didn't know when the lockdowns began in March:

1. Early assessments about coronavirus turned out to be wrong. We now have a much better idea of how COVID-19 is spread and who's at greatest risk.

2. Re-opening the economy is going to be much more difficult than expected.

3. Cars and suburbs are here to stay: how the pandemic may change the way we live and work.

4. Get ready for sweeping changes in higher education.

5. The need for efficient government is much greater than we imagined.

6. The military will play a vital role in recovery and prevention of future pandemics.

7. Our notion of citizenship and sacrifice will fundamentally change.

From the economy, politics and education to the deeply uneven impacts on people in different jobs and regions, we discuss the rapidly changing nature of the pandemic and its vast disruption to our world.


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