Climate Change Politics: Bob Inglis

Climate change has never been a leading issue in a Presidential election campaign-- until now. A recent poll found that 82% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said it’s “very important” that their party’s nominee supports taking “aggressive action” to reduce the effects of climate change.

2020 could be the climate election. All of the leading Democratic candidates are calling for legislative action, and even many leading Republicans are changing their messaging and how they discuss pollution and the impact on climate.

But the environmental politics can cut both ways. While the recent European Parliament election results were a win for green parties, Australia's conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison won a surprise victory, while resisting calls to sharply reduce carbon emissions and coal production.

In this episode, we revisit our interview with for GOP Member of Congress Bob Inglis, who argues that while Donald Trump and fellow Republicans are part of the problem, they must be part of any solution. This small-government Christian conservative from South Carolina believes in a free-market answer to climate change. He supports a revenue-neutral carbon tax, combined with a cut in FICA - the fee paid by workers to pay for Social Security and Medicare.

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