#48 John Gable Do You Know How Biased You Are? John Gable of AllSides.com

"At the end of the day everybody is biased," says our guest,
John Gable, founder CEO of AllSides. "You're biased by what you
know. You're biased by what you know and you're biased by your
entire human existence before then."

AllSides is unique in how it covers the news - displaying
stories on its front page - from different points of view. It urges
readers to "engage in civil dialog and discover a deeper
understanding of the issues."

The left-hand column at AllSides has stories from
liberal-leaning sites (New York Times, Huffington Post, Salon), the
right column features conservative-leaning media coverage of the
same event (Fox News, The Blaze). The centrist column plays things
down the middle (USA Today, Christian Science Monitor).

"Part of what we do is help people understand that they are
biased as well," says John.

With deep experience in technology and his former involvement in
political campaigns, he understands how so many of live in a bubble
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