Having Better Conversations

At a time of information overload, social media silos and political paralysis, how can all of us be better communicators? In this 200th episode, Richard and Jim share lessons they've learned about listening, asking questions and interviewing guests during nearly four years of "How Do We Fix It?"

It's been a fun run, and many more episodes are being planned in the weeks and months come. This week, we discuss the show's origin story and how we've leveraged the intimacy of podcasting to change some of the questions we ask guests and how we record each conversation. 

We include extracts from past shows to illustrate how to ask better questions. There's also a short blooper real: Examples of questions that should not have been asked!

This episode includes some hallmarks of constructive conversations: Focus on facts and evidence, acknowledge and listen to evidence that contradicts your position, and be respectful. Using humor and humility, establishing eye contact, asking brief follow-up questions are also useful techniques.

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