You Are What You Read - Jodie Jackson

Are you depressed when you read the news? The media's rampant negativity, with a daily emphasis on outrage and crisis, is a form of mental pollution that misinforms the public, harms democracy, and leads a distorted view of the world.

"You Are What You Read", by Jodie Jackson, is a call for reform. Written by a non-journalist, the book looks at the psychological impact of reading endlessly negative news, and shows viewers, listeners and readers how to protect themselves and change their media diet. 

"We need learn about how problems are being solved, issues being resolved for the sake of our souls," says Jodie in her YouTube video, promoting her book.

"This is not a call for us to ignore the negative, but rather to not ignore the positive," Jodie tells us. "The most important thing from this research showed that learning about solutions can make us feel more empowered."

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