Want Consensus? Try Convergence: Rob Fersh

All too often news headlines and social media are dominated by disasters, wrongdoing and fear mongering: All the stuff that’s going wrong. 

How can we nurture the positive side of human nature? Renewing democracy will be impossible unless we start to rebuild trust in each other.

The Convergence Center for Policy Resolution uses deep knowledge and proven methodology to connect people, policymakers and political organizations from different backgrounds and beliefs, helping them work together and co-operate. Our guest is Rob Fersh, the non-profit group's Founder and President. 

"Convergence works to bring together people who can make a difference in big national policy issues," Rob tells us. "Our goal is to include a wide diversity of views, because the product, if we get agreement, is going to be all the stronger."

This week's reading, viewing and listening recommendations on the show from Richard and Jim:

- Novels by Paulette Jiles - "News of the World" and "The Color of Lightning."

- Podcasts about country and roots music: "Cocaine and Rhinestones" with Tyler Mahan Coe, and "America Podcast: The 51st State" with Robert Earl Kean.

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