#78 How Games Can Make the World Work Better: Dan Grech

This show is about the benefits adults, especially business owners, can get from playing games.

This year's huge success of Pokemon Go helped bring gamification and augmented reality into the mainstream - with many small businesses using the mobile app to raise engagement with consumers. Dan Grech, OfferCraft, tells us how governments, businesses, and even parents use games to boost participation and change behavior.

Dan Grech is a former journalist who works for OfferCraft, a Florida company that designs games for companies and other clients.

"You can incorporate games into business settings in really small and subtle ways that aren't necessarily expensive and can generate extraordinary results" says Dan.

Solutions with games:

Governments use games and behavioral economics insights to reduce speeding or increase voter turnout. In China, the government introduced lottery scratch-off games to cut tax evasion.

Businesses offer prizes and rewards to excite consumers and boost engagement