#86 Farai Chideya: Re-think Your Career. Find a New Job

Have you spent your life switching careers? So has former NPR host, professor, and journalist Farai Chideya. It’s the new normal —- the episodic career.

Can you build a career with a non-traditional work history?
How do you find  a rewarding career in the new world of work?
How can you thrive and prosper in a jobs market disrupted by technology and globalism?
These questions are answered in this podcast. Our guest is well-known journalist, professor, author and former NPR host, Farai Chideya, author of “The Episodic Career”.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job in the U.S. lasts 4.6 years, a far cry from an era when a large percentage of the workforce could expect to stay with their current employer for decades.  
Farai tells us why resiliency, lifelong learning, plus understanding how your skills relate to the needs of the employment market are the three pillars of a successful career.  
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