"Listen First & Democracy" Pearce Godwin

American democracy is in crisis, with a coarsening of our national conversation and an erosion of public trust that threatens the guardrails of self-government. Many citizens feel dislocated, disempowered and believe that remote institutions and government don't listen to their needs and interests.

One way to bridge divides is to listen to a broader range of opinions, from people not like you.

Our guest is Pearce Godwin, founder and CEO of Listen First Project, which has 250 partner organizations who have joined the #ListenFirst movement as well as the thousands who have signed the Listen First Pledge.

Listen First sounds like a moderate idea, but "I think it really is radical," Pearce tells "How Do We Fix It?" Coming to conversations "with a spirit of curiosity is what will bring us to a place in which we are learning from one another and building greater connections, as opposed to throwing grenades and tearing each other apart."

The four key ingredients of a listen first conversation include listening to understand, being curious, suspending judgement, and maximizing a diversity of perspectives. More tips here.

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