We Need Better Leaders! Davia Temin & Stephen Miles

The furore over the decision by House Democrats to launch a formal impeachment investigation into President Trump will be the subject of heated debate for many months. In this episode we take a deeper look at leadership, and why good leaders are so vital to the future of our democracy, and for all organizations-- large and small. 

"In times of turmoil this is even more important," says our guest, Davia Temin, a highly experienced crisis manager, and leadership and communications coach. "Leadership is particularly important right now, because we are living in a very muddy universe."

In business and non-profit organizations, highly successful leaders have learned vital lessons about strategy, communication and ethics. We hear from Stephen Miles, a widely respected leadership coach and top-level succession planning executive. 

His deep understanding of what makes great leaders is featured in The Miles Group podcast series, "C-Suite Intelligence: Leadership Lessons From Coaches to the World's Top Performing Executives." This episode includes several extracts. Listen to the whole series, hosted by Richard Davies, here.

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