F*ck Your Beauty Standards

Listen if: You’re tired of being told you should look like a Kardashian.


This week on the podcast, Jess and Stef discuss Jess’s experience cutting off her signature long hair that she’s had for over 10 years, and unpack some of the emotional attachments plus societal expectations around beauty that arose from it.


Hear about:

  • Our attachment to the way we look.
  • Societal beauty standards and where we first begin feeling them.
  • The ways we feel we have to look vs want to look.
  • Feminine vs masculine ideals of beauty.
  • How societal pressures are exacerbated by social media.
  • The different expectations that men and women face.
  • Why youthfulness is considered a token of beauty and how that’s problematic.
  • How surrounding yourself with the right people can totally change your experience.

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Music by: Kinkora

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