Why Are We Here?

Wait. Why are we here? What are we saving the world from? Join Waveney and Tim as they delve into the reasons behind the reasons to find out why (and how) we have ended up in the 21st Century eating up the planet that supports us.

It’s our first episode of season two so we are also asking ourselves: Why are we here, doing this podcast? Turns out there are lots of reasons! And what can you, dear listener, expect to get out of it? Connecting with your power to make a difference.

Referencing work of Professor Nate Hagen; Jarred Diamond and Darrin Qualman, we look at the real reasons human activity is changing the climate and causing extinctions and the good news is - We don’t think it’s because we are dicks.

Waveney argues that we have superpowers ‘indistinguishable from magic.’ And that we are simply using those superpowers just like any organism would. We use them in the service of the primal urge to grow, conserve our own energy and to multiply. Nothing on Earth can out compete or even curb us (with the notable exception of the virus). So the big question is; Is it feasible to imagine that we might be able to curb ourselves?

Links and Stats

Speaking of your power, did you know that, along with all humans alive today, you have two special superpowers? Darrin Qualman, Civilisation as Asteroid: Human, Livestock and Extinctions (online article)

Jarred Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (book)

Nate Hagens, Reality 101 (video course)

Oil barrel v Human labourer statistic from this video in Nate’s Reality 101 course (video)

We over shot the earth’s carrying capacity in 1970 (website)

How To Save The World's website / Facebook Page / Instagram (@HTSTWPod)


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