Should We Have Less Kids?

The desire to have and love children is one of the strongest, most basic human urges. But studies show that having less kids or no kids is by far the single most impactful action you can take to create a more sustainable tomorrow. So is there any wiggle room in these studies? Or could we justify having a baby on other grounds? Perhaps countries with low birth rates and high consumption rates, (i.e us here in Aotearoa and other wealthy nations), should actually focus the way we consume? We love babies here at How to Save the World and see this episode as a chance to personally reflect on what feels right for you, not as a chance to forward to your prodigiously reproducing friends. It’s a hard topic - so hard in fact that it is usually completely omitted from civic debate or sustainability forums.  

Thanks to those who have gone there, notably:  

If you’d like to take more control of your fertility: 

  • Hooray, in Aotearoa all LARCS (long lasting reversible contraceptives) (i.e. implant and IUDs) are now completely funded. 
  • Have a contraception plan: visit any Family Planning Clinic for professional, non judgemental advice and support

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