Roadtrip to Raglan (Whāingaroa): Part 2

Join Tim and Waveney on a road trip to legendary surf town Raglan (Whāingaroa) to uncover the stories behind the town’s long history of ground breaking successes in sustainability. 

In this second episode we explore:


Para Kore

Para Kore means Zero Waste in te reo. It is also a for Maori by Maori programme that came out of Whāingaroa / Raglan in 2009 and now has national impact. It’s goal is to support all marae to be working toward zero waste by 2025. Incredibly 449 marae have joined and over 500 tonnes of waste that would have gone to landfill has been completely avoided. Interview with Jacqui Forbes, Para Kore cofounder and General Manager.

Local food resilience 

Growing and eating local food is arguably one of the most important things we can do to secure a regenerative future. We investigate a cluster of local projects led by different groups in Whaingaroa / Raglan including a government sponsored food resilience project, seed saving, ‘crop swap’ and an extraordinary group collecting food waste from each and every Raglan home to create a high grade compost (that can be used to grow more local food!) Interview with Liz Stanway, Whāingaroa Environment Centre committee member and Organics Team Leader at Xtreme Zero Waste. (Food Waste Collection) (Environment Centre) (Crop swap) 

A household’s role in a sustainable region

Our hosts during our Raglan stay were Clare and David Whimmer, a household of adept perma-culturalists, 20 mins out of town. They kindly agreed to let us interview them as we were blown away by how they lived and inspired to see a tangible example of people living in and enjoying a thriving, sustainable region.  

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