Roadtrip to Raglan (Whāingaroa): Part 1

Join Tim and Waveney on a road trip to legendary surf town Raglan (Whaingaroa) to uncover the stories behind the town’s long history of ground breaking successes in sustainability. 

In this episode we meet four locals. Two who have been part of rebuilding the standard small town economic model of shipping energy and food in / waste and profits out out;  And two who have mobilised hundreds of community members to turn around collapsing fish stocks and seabird populations to thriving ecosystems heaving with life.  All of the projects are ground breaking in timing or scale, with relevance internationally for anyone wanting to understand more about creating sustainable futures beyond the confines of consumer choice and citizen advocacy. 


We would like to mihi Ngāti Tahinga of Tainui, the mana whenua (hapu with territorial rights and authority in the area) kaitiakitanga (gaurdians) of Waingaroa.  Their whare tupuna is Tainui a Whiro. Their marae connects to the Tainui waka, the moana Whaingāroa, the awa Wainui and the maunga Karioi. Leaders from this hapu, notably whaea Eva Rickard,  have led the way in envisioning, advocating, transforming and enabling.  “Don’t wait for permission to do something about it.” Tautoko koutou. (We were unable to interview representative of Ngāti Tahinga of Tainui).  


In this episode we cover:


Raglan Naturally

The community led town plan that was 20 years in the making and recently adopted by the Waikato District Council as the town’s official long term plan. Interview with Gabrielle Parson, Raglan Naturally coordinator and Raglan Community Board member.


Xtreme Zero Waste

The community owned resource recovery centre that prevents 75-80% of Raglan’s “rubbish” (read “resources”) from going to landfill.  Interview with Rick Thorpe Xtreme cofounder and Innovations Manager. 


Raglan Community Energy

A community enterprise that has Whaingaroa on its way to be Aotearoa’s first energy independent town. Interview with Rick Thorpe, also Coordinator of ‘Raglan Local Energy.’ 


Whaingaroa Harbour Care

The riparian planting project has had one of the most successful engagement rates with farmers and fishers in the country.  Interview with Fiona Edwards, Whaingaroa Harbour Care Project manager


Kari-oi Maunga ki te Moana

A community led epic trapping project with 350 volunteers regularly checking 2048 traps. Interview with Kristel van Houte,  Kari-oi Maunga ki te Moana  Project Manager. 

If you are inspired to make a difference in your local community, these organisations might be a good place to start: 


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