Today Tim talks to Danielle, a Sustainability Advocate and Educator from Live Lightly. Live Lightly is a collaboration between community groups, Auckland Council and other partners that began in 2017 and provides advice for people so they can take personal action to tackle the climate crisis and reduce emissions. Their new initiative is New Zealand’s first gamified carbon footprint tool, called FutureFit and that’s what we’re talking about today.

FutureFit.nz is a free tool that uses New Zealand emission standards to measure your carbon footprint and give you personalised tips on how you can reduce it. Users fill out a short quiz, get their footprint, then register for free to choose personalised actions. You even get told how YOUR footprint compares to the national and international averages. It covers areas like Energy use, Transport and Food choices, and gives ready-to-apply tips on how to make positive changes. Some are one-off actions, some are ongoing behaviours.

Tim gets assessed and gets some worrying news about his carbon impact and gets recommended choosing local produce to bring it down. Danielle breaks down what a carbon footprint actually is and we have a discussion on individual and systemic change.

Check out FutureFit.nz right now and register as an individual, a household, a workplace or a group of friends.

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