Change Is Coming w/ Leo Murray

One year on from our last discussion with self-described Worm Guy (and Why Waste founder) Leo Murray, he returns to discuss with Tim and Waveney what lessons we've learned from living with COVID for the past 12 months, and what we need to do next to try and protect our planet. We discuss the implications of simpler living during lockdown and the false dichotomy of mitigation vs. adaptation when it comes to responding to the climate crisis. We also chat about how we, as a species, may need change our thinking from relying on technology to connecting with each other.

We also celebrate the incredible change that we're seeing in ourselves and those around us, including tremendous uplift in the amount of shared understanding that change is coming and we need to address the climate and protect our environment. We also talk about Aotearoa New Zealand's unique gift in the form of te ao Māori and what we can learn from our tangata whenua’s world perspective.

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